Catering & Large Orders

Perfect for the home, birthdays, potlucks, baby showers or whatever the occasion is. Place your order by calling 905 874 8444. Please note that we require at least 24hrs to prepare your order. 
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Food ItemSmall TrayMedium TrayLarge TrayMedium CoolerLarge Cooler
Jollof Rice$40$60$80$125$150
Fried Rice$50$75$90$130$160
White Rice$20$30$40$70$90
Stewed Assorted Meat$110$190$240
Stewed Fried Chicken$55$75$100
Designer Stew with Assorted Combo$100$130$170
Stewed All Beef$130$200$250
Egusi Soup$90$120$160
Efo Riro (Vegetable Soup)$90$120$140
Fried Plantain$40$60$80
Asun (Goat Meat)$250$340$390
Stewed Whiting Fish$90$130$150
Grilled Turkey$80$110$140
Ewa Aganyi (Beans)$80$110$130
Ewa Aganyi Beans Sauce$100$130$160
Fried Yam$90$110$160
Yam Porridge$85$110$140
ItemUnit Price
Moin Moin$3.99 each
PLEASE NOTE: Payment validates order. For orders placed over the phone, please send payment by e-transfer to
Small, medium & large tray sizes
Small, Medium & Large tray sizes