Everyday Menu

Food available to order from our kitchen every day

For orders placed over the phone for pick-up, payments can be made by e-transfer to pay@kejjis.com


Jollof Rice$9.99
Jollof Rice & Whiting Fish$21.99
Jollof Rice & Assorted Meat$24.98
Jollof Rice & Stewed Chicken$19.98
White Rice$6.99
White Rice & Whiting Fish$18.99
White Rice & Assorted Meat$21.98
White Rice & Designer Stew$21.98
White Rice & Ayamase$21.98
Beans only$9.99
Beans & Plantain$14.99
Beans & Whiting Fish$21.99
Beans & Assorted Meat$24.98
Fried Rice$12.99
Fried Rice & Grilled Turkey$22.98
Fried Rice & Stewed Chicken$22.98

Sides & Extras

Fried Yam & Sauce$15.00
Fried Plaintain$4.99
Beef only$5.00
Fish only$4.00
Shaki only$5.00
Cow Foot only$5.00
Efo Riro$16.00
Egusi Soup$16.00
Designer Sauce$14.99
Whiting Fish (3 pcs)$12.00
Assorted Meat (3 pcs)$14.99
Stewed Chicken (3 pcs)$9.99


Meat Pie$2.50
Chicken Pie$2.50
Chin Chin$3.99
Puff Puff (5 pcs)$3.00
Scotch Eggs$3.00
Sausage Roll$3.00
Our pastries are freshly made every day. Please note that we do not have tray pricing. Rather, we place all your orders in pastry boxes, ready for you to pick up.

On The Grill

Peppered Snail (3 pcs)$30.00
Asun (Goat Meat)$20.00
Grilled Turkey$12.00
Deep-Fried Croaker Fish$35.00
Grilled Croaker Fish$25.00
Grilled Catfish$20.00
On the grill menu requires some time to prepare, freshly for you. Please call the kitchen on 905 874 8444 to order ahead.
Catfish Peppersoup (With Yam or Plantain)- Promo$20.00
This item requires a prep time of about 1 hour, pleasecall the kitchen on 905 874 8444 to order ahead.
Zobo (by Street Food)$3.49

Please note-Prices are subject to change without notice.