Our food bowls come in 2 & 4 litres respectively. They are perfect for the home and can easily be stacked and stored. Food Bowls require at least 24hr to allow us prepare your meals, after which it can be picked up from us. Call us to order on 905 874 8444
For orders placed over the phone, payments can be made by e-transfer to
2 Litre Bowl4 Litre Bowl
Assorted Meat Stew$55$100
Turkey Stew$50$90
Chicken Stew$35$55
Beef Stew$65$120
Goat Meat Stew$75$140
Fish Stew$55$100
Designer Fried Stew$80$140
Efo Riro (Vegetable Soup)$65$110
Egusi Soup$65$110
Okra Soup$65$110
Assorted Meat Peppersoup$50$90
Goat Meat Peppersoup$60$110
PLEASE NOTE: Payment validates order. For orders placed over the phone, please send payment by e-transfer to
2L and 4L bowls
2L & 4L bowl